LOL Shock Might be Extreme for You

lol shock


The name LOL Shock is true to its name, they can be shockingly funny but more on the shocking side that the featured videos, graphics, or images can give you a real shock beyond compare. You must safeguard your children against such sites because they can cause trauma and you will never know just how much it could affect the mind of your child due to some sarcastic way of putting funny stuff in the material. Although some may be funny but most are indeed shocking. They can be more horrifying than any horror movie you had ever seen coupled with something funny in the scene. You will never know when you should be horrified or when to laugh.


What are LOL Shock Sites?

lol shockThere are actually shocks sites that carry the name LOL shock but they are independent from one another. Some shock sites might display disturbing or offensive materials in a form of videos, graphics, or photos which can be categorized as crude and distasteful way of displaying something funny. Some site may display an animation, a picture, video footage, or even a small gallery to be passed around though email and other means while hiding behind a seemingly friendly link but once you clicked it you can never have it undone. There were actually shock sites that you would not be able to shut off until it has finished downloading in your computer and naturally became a virus that you could not stop unless you unplug your computer which can bring harm to your system. Those are simply shock sites that showcase really shocking materials that you might find funny but then again it can make you cry with fear.

What is LOL Shock for?

It is also quite amazing that some people actually find it funny and a good joke to send to friends and share a few laughs. If you are a mother you will begin to fear for your child’s mental safety once he or she happened to view them via the net because they were not suitable for children to see. LOL shock is a complete display of some indescribable behavior and practical jokes at their worst (yes, they are sometimes funny in an evil way). If the purpose of shock was simply to shock then it has served its purpose really well.

The Sweet Disguise

Be very careful in dealing with questionable links because they might just be a shock site that is trying to trick you if you are not into the things that LOL shock gives. These sites will stop at nothing just to trick people into going to their site and unfortunately theses sites will not stop from what they were doing as long as there are people that will continue to patronize them.