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LOL Shock: Good or Bad?

Strange things happen. Some so shock us to the core, we don’t know if we laugh it off or vomit in disgust. However, no matter how we put it, it is still fun to watch and see shocking videos, pictures and clips which otherwise known as LOL shock.

What is LOL Shock?

LOL shock is basically a video, video clip or a picture that is so shockingly funny and at times disgusting because of its weirdness. It could be made for pranks or was accidentally taken. The end result, LOL shock is meant to shock you to the core and a funny, slightly repulsive way.

Most shock sites tend to run towards the gore and adult theme which is not desirable for all ages to watch and see. However, there are a lot of LOL shock videos and images that are so funny and educational in its frivolities such as the FAIL images and videos. Sometimes, it is fun to watch human errors and if we could, learn from those funny mistakes.

lol shockLOL shock videos or pictures could also portray shocking events like a pregnant man or a father at 13 and the 11 year old killer. Their life story might not be something for entertainment but they may be a lesson to learn. In the end, stories like these in a video or images shock ordinary viewers to the core.

Pros and Cons of LOL Shock

There are funny LOL shock sites you can browse in the internet for entertainment and fun. Funny, weird events caught on cam and published in the net makes the internet more interesting to explore. If an adult happened to have encountered such FAIL pictures and videos and found the humor from it, there is no harm done. At most, it certainly would entertain the individual who happen to see the images or clips. A good laugh is certainly welcomed.

However, the concerns go to the minors who have no capability yet to understand what they are seeing and watching. Internet has become accessible that parents have no means to ensure what their children might be watching and seeing in the internet. LOL shock might be funny, but most pranks may cause damage if a child will try to follow and do it. More caution must be done on the parents’ part. It takes loads of patience and a great deal of explanation why some things are funny and when being funny is not so funny at all.

Plus LOL shock video and clips or pictures must be done in a light note with the subject having the knowledge that he or she or they are caught on cam before the LOL shock is published. There are people who do not want their FAILS to be exposed.  Again, caution is advice in creating and publishing LOL shock videos and images.

To sum it all up 

Watching some practical jokes or strange things and events in the internet can be very entertaining. However, great responsibility must be applied in creating, publishing and even watching them. It is easy to judge strange people that we see, easy to laugh at someone else’s mistakes but being responsible at what we see and do is hard.

LOL shock it itself is not bad. However, the people who happen to have created them might have been so responsible. People who watch them might misinterpret the events as well. Banning it in the internet will not really make the internet less interesting. But then it is impossible to ban them altogether.

Some LOL shock videos and images are interestingly funny in a very good way. They can be educational is some ways. The best way to do is to educate internet users in being responsible at what they publish here. It is also advisable for parents to supervise and explain what their children see in the internet.